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1976 – Dogtown – California
Unlimited freedom, feeling alive, endless summer, all day at the beach, sun, palm trees, pure feelings.
Hot summer nights, wild parties, open minded and forever young.
Hardcore skate sessions in the concrete parks of the west coast. Illegal trespassing across the deserted neighborhood fences. Heartbeat. Rattling rolls over the mosaic of the empty pools.
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Inspired by the Californian skater lifestyle of the late 70’s, the brand Spirit of 76® stands for high quality socks with design and production in Germany, since 2012. Our socks are produced at a rich-in-tradition, German family business, which perfectly matches our philosophy with longtime experience and technical know-how.
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Spirit of 76


The legend begins with a big disaster. A natural disaster. In the summer of 1976 a big drought affected the west coast of the United States of America and its people. But besides all the suffering, the disaster also brought out something good – the birth of vert skating.
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