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Quality Made in Germany

The Erzgebirge is considered to be the "cradle of the German hosiery industry", whose history goes back to the beginning of the 19th century. Even then, German hosiery was exported all over the world as a special product and enjoyed great popularity.

With the end of the World War II, the supply region forcibly shifted towards the USSR, to which the majority of the stockings produced had to be delivered as reparations. At that time, despite the domestic production, stockings were actually even in short supply and were barely enough for their own German population.

In the 1950s, German sock production once again experienced a rapid upswing, this time due to the introduction of the so-called circular knitting technology. This new technology represented a technological quantum leap and made it possible from then on to produce many times the output of its predecessors.

However, with the fall of the Iron Curtain and the disappearance of the Soviet Union as the main customer, the flourishing economic construct of the German sock industry collapsed. Today, only a handful of small companies remain, trying to keep the traditional craft alive.
We can therefore proudly say that we are part of this small grouping and are still passionate about the traditional and high quality sock production in Germany.

In our small family-owned production, we draw on decades of know-how, combine this with the highest precision, the latest machine technology and an extra portion of love and passion for what we consider to be a simple but brilliant product - the sock.

Our quality features at a glance:
  • Production in traditional German family-owned company with many years of experience and profound expertise
  • Fair, transparent and traceable working conditions
  • Short transport routes ensure maximum ecology and sustainable economic activity
  • Familiar atmosphere, personal contact, simple, fast and flexible exchange of information
  • Permanent quality control, rolling material tests and continuous development
  • Combination of highest quality, retro skater style, brightly colored designs, best wearing comfort, long durability and sustainable production

We hold up the flag and are fully committed to the preservation of such a wonderful traditional craftsmanship - German sock production!