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Sustainable since Day 1

Sustainability is not just a trendy term for us, but our highest credo since the birth of Spirit of 76 in 2012!

Often articles produced in Far East are labelled as being especially "sustainable" with promising phrases. However, such international and multi-level value chains are anything but environmentally friendly...

We explicitly distance ourselves from such "green washing" and focus on real and honest sustainability engagement!

Reduction through avoidance

We reduce emissions by not producing them at all!

Due to our own production facility in Germany, we reduce all transport routes to a minimum and thus avoid a large part of global logistics-related CO2 emissions.

Short transport routes and simple processes - This recipe benefits the environment and at the same time keeps our corporate organization lean, simple and absolutely flexible.

Transparency along the entire value chain

What's the use of costly audits, long environmentally damaging business trips & non-transparent eco-labels if you can also produce quite simply and 100% transparently in your own German family business and thus cover a large part of the value chain yourself?!...

This is exactly the attitude we have been following since the company was founded and the overwhelming feedback from our customers confirms us in exactly this approach day by day. At this point, we would like to thank all 76 fans for their fantastic support!

Fair and comprehensible working conditions, social responsibility, highest standards and close personal contacts are a matter of course for us. It is exactly these values that drive our family-like team and are the honest foundation of what we do together.

Only the best materials for our socks

Spirit of 76 stands not only for trendy oldschool tennis socks in striped retro look, but also for highest quality and best materials! All yarns that we use are certified according to the ÖKO-TEX Standard 100.

All models are produced with the highest possible proportion of finely combed cotton, which ensures an ideal skin feel, breathable foot climate and maximum wearing comfort. The finely tuned mix of materials ensures top performance at all times, both for sports and in your free time as a stylish addition to your everyday streetwear and sneaker outfit.

After all, sustainability for us primarily means long durability of products, which accordingly need to be replaced less frequently. We therefore pay meticulous attention to the selection of suitable materials and deliberately opt for the most durable yarns possible, long color fastness and lasting elasticity of the rubber parts used for reinforcement.

We clearly speak out against the widespread fast fashion madness and make a clear statement against the throw-away society with providing real quality and professional production!

Packaging & Shipping

We aim to ensure that not only our socks, but also their packaging are designed to be as sustainable as possible and to be recycled and disposed of in the best possible way.

Therefore, we rely on eco-friendly outer packaging made of recycled cardboard with discreet, monochrome black printing for all our socks. All our product packaging, just like our socks, is made in Germany and thus delivered on the shortest transport route possible.

We also avoid unnecessary material mixes during shipping and seal all cardboard boxes with recyclable paper tape, which can be put into the waste paper for recycling without prior separation.

The shipping of all orders is climate neutral with DHL GoGreen!